MATTAgameON Returns In March: The Surf Comp For Under 13s

Between March 28-31, 2020, MATTAgameON heads to Costa de Caparica in Portugal for the 4th edition of their surf competition for under 13s. Surfers from 12 different countries will compete to develop their skills and win prizes.

MATTAgameON 2019

MATTAgameON 2019

Press Release:
Powered by Didier Piter Surf Coaching; meet the best European Surfers under-13.

MATTAgameON will take place in Costa de Caparica, Portugal, March 28 to 31, 2020.

Among a total of 64 under-13 surfers, 24 were chosen from the under-12 ranking from their country in 2019, from 12 different countries, bringing the best surfers from: England, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Morocco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Russia and Hong Kong. Also, 10 surfers were chosen from MATTA and one local wildcard will be awarded from Costa Caparica.

This year’s edition gives the first 26 under-13s the possibility of joining MATTAgameON 2020 by ordering a MATTA surfboard.
Finally, the last 3 surfers will be chosen from the Instagram Contest, @mattashapes.

MATTAgameON it’s all about fun!

Besides the incredible get together of the best European under-13 surfers, MATTAgameON will also reward the best surfers. First place will win a 10 day boat trip offered by Sumatra Surf Trip. The winner will also win training sessions with Didier Piter. There’s also the Special MATTA Surfboards Award with one year sponsorship. All the surfers will get prizes from the event’s partners.

MATTAgameON 2019 winners

MATTAgameON 2019 winners

MATTAgameON’s 4th edition is focused on the youngest surfers, the next generation, with the goal to present the most complete event that will help these kids to develop their surfing skills.

MATTAgameON- Powered by Didier Piter Surf Coaching- is only possible thanks to the sponsoring of MATTA, Didier Piter Surf Coaching, Gant Imobiliária and Sumatra Surf Trip, and the support of Hasbro, Greenbush, Creatures of Leisure, Feather Fins, Stance, Surf Ears, Sex Wax, Wetty, Playstation, Carver Skateboards and our artist Inne Laurent.

Entrance Fee Criteria
* This year MATTAgameON gives the first 26 under-13 surfers the possibility of joining MATTAgameON 2020 by ordering a MATTA surfboard.
* The surfers must be under 13 years old by March, 28 of 2020.
* MATTAgameON Custom Surfboard – 279€ + Extras

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