Kaimana: Dakine’s New Robust Surf Leash

Dakine’s new leash, Kaimana, is both strong, lightweight and uses a pre-curved cuff for increased comfort. The leash incorporates technology that reduces drag and makes surfers feel free to ride without distraction.

Dakine Kaimana leash

Press Release:
Power Unleashed

Introducing the Kaimana Leash. The ultimate fusion of strength, comfort, and ingenuity, delivering the freedom of a leash-less feel.

Born from water. The Kaimana embodies 40+ years of heavy wave surf innovation in the world’s most trusted leashes, @dakine. Developed with a highly technical design, the Kaimana delivers supreme comfort, less drag, and unmatched strength in an extremely lightweight package. The Kaimana provides a leash-less feel, so that whether you’re World Tour champ or paddling out for the first time, you can focus on the ocean and leave everything else behind.

Dakine Kaimana leash ends

Key features:

  • Zero Distraction ankle cuff
  • Silicone ankle grips
  • Dura Cord w/ speed pockets (10-20% less drag)
  • Infinite Flex 360-degree leash ends
  • Thin Line Rail Saver System


99 Dakine  backpacks and surf apparel




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