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Podbielski Brother’s Project The Surfdeck Powered By Wavegarden To Open Northern Germany 2023

The Surfdeck – Coming in 2023 to Stade, North Germany. The Surfdeck, powered by Wavegarden, aims to bring constant, reliable waves to surfers, newbies and everyone in-between via a 20,000 m2 man made lagoon. As well as surfing, the park will offer a range of outdoor activities and restaurants.

Press Release: A Wave for the North

For us sea lovers with a passion for surfing, no ride is too far to be on the board. But what if the perfect surf was an hour’s drive away and surfable 365 days a year? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Not for the team at “The Surfdeck”. On an area spanning approx. 60,000 m2, a surf park is being created in Stade with a manmade wave that will cater for all surfing enthusiasts in the Hamburg metropolitan region. The waves are similar to natural waves found the open sea.

The machinery can create waves of up to two meters in height in a lagoon of 20,000 m2. Depending on one’s level of skill and experience, waves can be adjusted in shape and size at the push of a button. So that everyone – professionals, beginners, children and adults – can ride perfect waves, here, with us, in the north.

An authentic range of gastronomy, various sports / leisure activities and surf retailing complements this adventure. There’s something for all the family – and a fun day full of waves and fresh air is guaranteed.

Render Standard facility

Render Standard Facility. Photo credit- Wavegarden

Brothers Jan and Dirk Podbielski, as initiators of the project, have been able to extend their expertise in project development and implementation from their experience in planning and construction of offshore wind farms over the past 10 years. Today, they bring multifaceted technical and commercial know-how to the project.

A lot has happened since the project was launched in 2016. From the founding of the project company, choosing the site, and creating the development plan, all the way through to the start of the urban land use planning and the preparation of preliminary expert opinions. “The Surfdeck” is constantly progressing and taking shape. Recently, the early public participation for the preparation of the development plan was completed in the Hanseatic City of Stade.

The steady progress of the project also convinced the technology provider Wavegarden from Spain to enter into an exclusive partnership. On 31 January 2020, the Podbielski brothers and their project company, Surfdeck GmbH, signed the contract with Wavegarden, pioneer and market leader for surf park technologies. Both parties are now are in a joint technical planning phase.

Furthermore, Jan and Dirk Podbielski are delighted to announce a strategic alliance with communication agency, Island Collective GmbH.

Surfers and best friends Christoph Zingelmann and Florian Laudon, founder and managing director of Island Collective GmbH, started their own business together 15 years ago and today successfully manage three companies in marketing, communication, events and sustainable retail. In the future, they will support the Surfdeck team with their expertise and their network in European surf marketing and public relations.

The continued support from the town of Stade and STADE Marketing Tourism, based on the common interest to further develop regional, ecological and sustainable tourism, gives this unique project additional momentum and also enables the local economy to tap into an interesting development potential.

The project “The Surfdeck” is entering the next round with great strides. The wave – which will make long-time surfers, newcomers and nature lovers, happy – is enjoying increasing interest from investors, sponsors, partners and water sports enthusiasts throughout Germany.

“The Surfdeck” powered by Wavegarden will be designed as naturally as possible under the open sky and will offer a surfing experience that will be comparable to surfing in the sea. The waves, which can take on different shapes and sizes, offer both beginners and experienced surfers a unique sports and outdoor experience.

Cold Climate Standard Facility Render - Photo credit Wavegarden

Cold Climate Standard Facility Render. Photo credit Wavegarden

Jan Podbielski: “Since 2016 we have been planning to bring this project to Northern Germany. There were many reasons for the decision to locate the project in Stade. The main reason was the strong support of the Hanseatic City of Stade and STADE Marketing and Tourism GmbH. Such an exotic project needs many shoulders. With the full support of Wavegarden, the Hanseatic City of Stade and the people in the region, we will be able to make this project a reality”.

Dirk Podbielski: “We hope that the whole region can benefit from our project. Not only because the people here can finally surf, but also because our project will strengthen the ecologically sustainable and regional tourism, and create substantial, longlasting economic opportunities for local companies and the whole region”.

Florian Laudon: “We have been dealing with the topic of waves for more than a decade – whether standing waves in nature like Eisbach, or projects like the Citywave, where we held the first German Championships in 2014 near Hamburg. In 2013, I had the opportunity to see firsthand the first Wavegarden in Spain and realised the potential of the technology and the commitment of the people behind it. We are pleased with the diverse positive physical and mental effects that surfing provides and it is amazing that soon we will be able to offer it to as many people as possible.

Christoph Zingelmann: “We have been following the development of the German surf community since 2005 and have always had surfing in focus with numerous series of events and festivals. When the first pictures of the prototype from northern Spain were released in 2009, we could hardly believe it. We ran around like little children and showed this video to our surfer friends. “Hey guys – dreams come true – check it out”. Ten years later, we are very close. We support the boys in their development and are allowed to be part of this exciting project. A dream of many years is coming true.”

Karin Frisch (Wavegarden): “We are particularly happy with the Wavegarden project in Hamburg. It’s a place where surfing is becoming increasingly popular, however the waves are scarce. The North and Baltic Seas occasionally offer waves – but good conditions are extremely rare, and surfers often have to travel many kilometres to the next surf spot. At Wavegarden, we have managed to create an almost perfect surf beach environment with a wide range of consistent and ocean-like waves for all age groups and performance levels – even away from the oceans.”




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