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Roxy’s Emilie Souvras Discusses France Being Removed From WSL Championship Tour

Following on from the news we reported on Friday July 17, ‘Huge Changes At WSL: 2020 Cancelled, 2021 Season Starts In Hawaii, Hossegor Off The CT Circuit, 1 Day World Title Events’, we spoke with Roxy GM Emilie Souvras to get the brand’s perspective on the changes. By Harry Mitchell Thompson.

Can I assume the Quiksilver/Roxy France CT sponsorship contract has expired?
Actually, the fact that there will not be a Pro France in Hossegor this year is due to the change in programming made by the WSL and unrelated to our partnership with them for this French event. The 2021 season will be shorter and hence end before the fall, which is when the event traditionally took place.

Please could you talk to us about the WSL’s announcement of Hossegor falling off the men’s and women’s CT circuits.
We are obviously disappointed that there will not be a CT stop in Hossegor for 2021, which is why we worked hand in hand with the WSL to ensure there would be a world-class event on the French shorelines next year, in the form of a Challenger Series event.

Were Roxy involved in the new tour strategy creation by the WSL?
No, the WSL is in charge of creating the tour format each season, this is their role. As partners, we support their final decision and ensure we find the best way to support female surfing within this.

I understand France will see a Challenger Series event in 2021… Will Quiksilver/Roxy be a headline sponsor there?
Yes, absolutely and we are very excited to have our names associated to this new event in France.

I also understand there will be a new series called the WSL Countdown, with an event in France. Please explain this.
The WSL would be able to provide more in depth information, but there is indeed a plan to bring an event to the South West of France called the French RDV of Surfing, organised by the WSL. And we will of course be on the beaches to support the athletes!

It’s sad to see France falling off the CT, how do Roxy and the WSL intend to ensure the region is still recognised globally as a pro surf destination?
Surfing in France is very close to our hearts so we will of course keep on supporting it, through the Challenger Series event, athlete support and our ongoing dedication to the local surfing community




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