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Titus Celebrates 40 Years With Chad Muska DJ Set

The 40 year celebration of Titus will take place at Skaters Palace, Münster on August 18, 2018. With special guest Chad Muska, industry big wigs, skaters and much more.

The German skate powerhouse welcomes magazines, distributors, agencies and legends such as George Powell (Founder Powell Peralta, Bones Bearings, etc) and Jeff Kandell (Santa Cruz ex pro and Vice President NHS) for the festivities. Plus a late night DJ saet from the one and only Chad Muska. Itinerary below.


Titus 40 years Party – 18/08/2018
19:00 – Get together & BBQ to live Gipsy Swing
21:30 – Welcome Words & BOTS award ceremony
22:30 – FIRE.
23:00 – DJ MUSKA

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 JD Powers Ahead For 1st Half 2021

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