25% Off Job Postings With SOURCE & ActionSportsJob

Both Boardsport SOURCE and are offering a 25%-off deal on on both single and package job ads throughout May, with job packages purchased being valid for 2 years.  

25% off job ads and BoardsportSOURCE offering -25% on all job ads!

In these unusual times of Corona we have to stay together and support each other as good as we can! Therefore, and BoardsportSOURCE are offering a reduced price of -25% on single job ads as well as on job packages. In addition to that you will have an extended period to use up your job ad package: A job ad package that you book now will last for two years!

Take this chance and order job ads for a special discount between May 1 and May 31, 2020!

There will for sure be a time after Corona when you need to find the right employee!

Thanks to a lot of well know partner sites, you are getting a full job campaign by advertising with and!

Interested?!: Please write an e-mail to Muck Müller at [email protected]!

Free service: In case you need a freelancer to help out in these days, click here to find the right freelancer!




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