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Episode 2 Of ‘Sustainability Dialogues’ Podcast Out Now

Episode 2 of Xavier De Le Rue’s podcast ‘The Sustainability Dialogues‘ covers the impact of COVID-19 on the climate crisis with expert, Dr. Johan Rockström. 

sustainability dialogues

Press Release:
The Sustainability Dialogues Podcast – Ep2 – COVID 19 and the Climate Crisis. 

In episode two, Johan Rockström and Xavier De Le Rue discuss the climate crisis & COVID 19 and how they are inextricably interlinked.

From the rise of zoonosis – diseases spread from animals to humans – to fossil fuels and the aviation industry, the trillion dollar bailouts earmarked for the economy, lowered emissions, cleaner air, temperature rises, eating local – it has all impacted / of is impacting COVID 19 & the climate crisis.

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Next week Xavier & Johan discuss a topic close to his heart – Ice and the Glaciers




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