FWT21 new format

Freeride World Tour Makes Its Comeback Jan 2021 With New Format

On January 23 in the mountains of Hakuba, Japan, the Freeride World Tour makes its 2021 return. The FWT21 consists of 5 stops, however some changes have been made to its usual format, making the year to come unmissable.

 Press Release:

The world’s best freeriders will be back charging hard for the world title in a brand-new format with the announcement of the Freeride World Tour (FWT) 2021 calendar.

After a sweltering summer, it’s always hard to imagine the snowflakes pilling up into the deep, dreamy powder we all enjoy. But get ready folks, as winter is indeed on the way, and the FWT is eager to announce a five-stop tour for 2021, along with some exciting changes in the championship format.

The venues on offer are natural freeride playgrounds giving the athletes the best platform to throw down their skills in the fight for the world title. And without further delay, here is the FWT21 calendar:

  1. HAKUBA, JAPAN – January 23-30, 2021
  2. KICKING HORSE GOLDEN BC, CANADA – February 8-13, 2021
  3. ORDINO ARCALÍS, ANDORRA – February 22-27, 2021
  4. FIEBERBRUNN, AUSTRIA – March 6-12, 2021
  5. VERBIER XTREME, SWITZERLAND – March 20-28, 2021

In addition, to make the competition more exciting for both athletes and viewers alike, the FWT has revamped the championship format. This year will see four pivotal changes:

  1. Athlete qualification will occur at the third stop (instead of the fourth), making the Ordino Arcalís Andorra ‘crunch time’ for the athletes. The same numbers still go through as 2020 (best 2 results out of 3 events counts): 13 ski men, 6 ski women, 6 snowboard men, 4 snowboard women – totalling 29 riders.
  2. Two runs in Austria. After a successful test last year with snowboard men, riders this year will get two runs in Fieberbrunn and keep their single best score.
  3. The FWT Finals in Fieberbrunn and Verbier will be rolled out after the cut, where for the last two events, the points will be weighted 5. This means the winner will take 15,000 points, compared to 10,000 for the first three stops.
  4. World Champions will now be crowned for their best three results out of five.

These exciting changes will ensure the world’s top freeriders get the best opportunity to compete for the world title and continue to push the progression of the sport into new realms.

FWT21 new format

As health and safety is always the priority for FWT organisers, they are actively working in conjunction with local authorities to make sure each competition is compliant with current regulations.

Competition broadcasts will be available on www.freerideworldtour.com. Until then, stay tuned and follow the FWT social media channels for all the latest news as the countdown to winter begins.




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