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‘The Anti Blueprint Project’ By Johnathan Weaver On Kickstarter

‘The Anti Blueprint Project’ by Johnathan Weaver features stories of people who’ve lived lives less ordinary, who haven’t followed the beaten track. The project is on kickstarter, with pledges required for the book to become a reality. Jonathan is a former snowboard industry OG, who now works for Nike Football.

Press Release: Words have synonyms. Multiple different options that all have the same, or a similar, meaning. No matter which synonym is chosen, the speaker will always conclude with the point they were aiming for. They will always arrive in the same place. Life can be viewed in a similar aspect. No matter which path a person takes in life, they will always arrive in the same place: death. A morbid viewpoint, however it’s the living part that counts. How many ways can a person live? Find happiness? Achieve their dreams? Nobody knows, it would be hard to find two people who’ve lived identical lives. Some lives may follow a similar path- ‘the expected path’: school, university, job, marriage, mortgage, kids, retirement; however even similar paths have variations.

Johnathon Weaver’s new book ‘The Anti Blueprint Project’ explores people who’ve lived lives that don’t follow the ‘expected path’, who’s lives are out of the ordinary, who don’t live conventionally.

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As listed on the kickstarter page and below, the ‘Anti Blueprint Project’ features stories from a plethora of individuals who’ve lived their own lives:
ANDY COOKE: Swiss based creative director
BAILEY RICHARDSON: Employee #8 at Instagram featured on “The Social Dilemma” on Netflix.
BRYAN FOX: Professional Snowboarder for Quiksilver & House renovator
CAMO & KROOKED: Electronic Music Producer & Artists on “Red Bull Symphonic”
CALEY VANULAR: Content Creator for Canadian Tourism, Nike, Herschel
CHRIS DEN UIJL: Event Creator and Promoter for Baja Beach Festival & others
CHRISTIAN SELLERS: Creator of Pushfins
CLINTON LOFTHOUSE: Photographer & Creative
COE LOTTIS: Owner of the Program PDX creative agency
DALAD KAMBHU: Michelin Starred chef, Kin Dee, Berlin
DAMON MORRIS: Sr PLM at The North Face
DRAY GARDNER: Creator of Silent Savasana
ELISA SCHALER: Category Manager at Adidas Terrex
FOSTER HUNTINGTON: Writer and creator of the Van Life & The Cinder Cone
JACKIE BEAL: Photographer
JAMES WHITTLE: Part of the Tempest Two Exploring the world
JEN YIH: Nutritional Therapist and writer
JUNE BHONGJAN: Associate Creative Director for film and TV posters for Netflix and more
KELTIE O’CONNOR: Fulltime Youtuber
KIRSTY GODSO: Nike Master Trainer & Energy dealer
MATT BARR: Podcast Host “Looking Sideways” & Type 2 for Patagonia
MEGHANN O’BRIEN: Northwest Coast Textile Artist
MIKEY TAYLOR: Skateboarder for DC & Go Pro, turned investor. Owner of St. Archer, Commune Capital
MAXI MEISBERGER: Teacher and Surfer
NADYA OKAMOTO: Founder of the worlds largest teen run NGO, Period.Org
NATHAN GALLAGHER: Photographer clients include Lewis Hamilton, Cristiano Ronaldo
NATHAN HILL: Sr Director of Stance Europe
NICK BAINES: Writer for the Guardian & The Times of London, also editor of this book.
NICK BRIDGE:  Founder of Girls are awesome
OLAV STUBBERUD: Content creator, Photographer for Justin Bieber, Kygo, Chainsmokers
ORLANDO VON EINSIEDEL: Oscar winning Director of “The White Helmets” “Learning to skate in a warzone”
PETRA KNAPP: Packaging Sustainability Engineer
REID RYAN: Creator of Hard working Gentlemen, part owner of Ashland Hard Seltzer & Boyd and Blair Potato Vodka
RYAN ROTHWELL: Derivatives Trader
SAGE KOTSENBURG: Plant Based Olympic Gold Medallist
SIMON FORSTER Owner of Robot Food & Creator of Stories & Ink
STUART JAMES: Writer for the Athletic
TAMIKA ABAKA-WOOD: Problem Solver at B&A and writer of the Plantain Papers
TESA ARAGONES: CMO at Discord, previously VSCO, Nike, VW
LUKE TREMBATH (THE DINGO): TV and radio Host, Creator of Find Your Grind
THEO BROMA: Plant Based activist
TOM KLOCKER: Austrian based photographer working with Audi & The North Face
TONY COLMAN AKA LONDON ELECTRICITY: Award winning record label owner & Artist with Hospital Records and award winning podcast host
VICTORIA SEKRIER: Stylist within the fashion world

Jonathan Weaver & Sani Alibabic

Jonathan Weaver, Creator/Writer & Sani Alibabic, Designer

Stories that matter. For kids to be inspired to do their own thing, to reassure them that life doesn’t have to follow the path that their teachers or parents expect them to. For adults who need to be reminded that success is what they make it, success isn’t measured against others. The same for happiness.

The book project’s kickstarter page is open until October 29.

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