Kingdom for a Cooler

Vans Europe Drops New Edit ‘Kingdom For A Cooler’

The Vans Europe & Vans Germany guys took a trip to Morocco back in February, back before global lockdowns were a thing. Jam packed with top notch tricks, ‘Kingdom For A Cooler’ is the trip’s resulting edit.

Press Release:
A new skate edit by Vans Europe and SOLO

Tom the Beer Cooler needed one last outing before lockdown grounded him for a bit, so the Vans Europe and Vans Germany crew took him out on their recent tour of Morocco. You could say it was a bucket-list trip.

Mid February is always a difficult time to pick a destination for a skate trip in Europe due to the winter. So the crew quickly decided to fly across the Mediterranean and check out the spots that the Kingdom of Morocco had to offer. As if they knew that this would be the last time they could travel as they’re used to for a while, the crew blazed through the beautiful country without leaving a spot untouched. While chasing the sun and the warmth from Tangier all the way down to Agadir, there was no shortage of laughs, hi-jinx and good times.

Kingdom for a Cooler is available to watch now.
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Joscha Aicher
Val Bauer
Joseph Biais
Oscar Candon
Axel Cruysberghs
Dustin Dollin
Florentin Marfaing
Jan Hoffman
Marco Kada
Alexey Krasniy
Yeelen Moens
Victor Pellegrin
Chris Pfanner
Pepe Tirelli
Kalle Wiehn

Film / Edit
Max Pack
Paul Labadie

Dave Van Laere

Vans Summer 2020 Skate Medium Square


ISSUE 106-1


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