Drop In Surf by Creatures of Leisure

Creatures Of Leisure Introduce New Surf Ear Drops

Creatures of Leisure have developed and produced a solution to keeping ears clear from infections and water and wax blockages. ‘Drop In Surf‘ consists of two products; one to dry the inner ear and one to cleanse it by breaking down dirt and wax. 

Press Release:

Ear problems have plagued surfers for decades – more infections, more trapped water and more excess wax build up. Now, surf hardware pioneers Creatures of Leisure have found a solution to the issue – literally. Called ‘Drop In Surf’, the two specially formulated ear-drop solutions help dry out excess water, combat bacteria growth, and clear away wax. Drop In’s mixes are even sourced in Western Australia from a group of chemically savvy surfers.

“When the guys showed us what the drops did, we were in straight away,” said Beau Campi, Head of Creatures Product and Brand . “A few of our crew in the office have had surgery for Surfer’s Ear and have ongoing problems with blockages and infections. This helps that in a simple but effective way. It makes Drop In the perfect brand to add in with Creatures of Leisure, Surf|Ears and Sex Wax. Another essential for surfers to have in the kit.”

Drop In has two separate ear drop options. The first is Drop In Ear Dryer, which helps evaporate water in your ear canal after a surf and leaves an anti-bacterial residue in its place. The second is Drop In Ear Cleanser, which reacts with earwax and dirt to break things up and clear blockages. Used together, they help maintain ear health and keep you in the water. Drop In Ear Drops will be available at all good surf retailers from late Feb/early March. US release date mid-2021. Keep an ear out.

For additional information please contact: [email protected]

Drop In Ear Dryer

Drop In Surf™ Ear Dryer helps dry water in the ear after being in the surf, reducing the chance of bacterial infection (Swimmers Ear). It may also be helpful in the prevention of Surfers Ear (Exostosis).

How does it work?
Drop In Ear Dryer is a dual action formula that helps dry out excess moisture and combat bacterial growth and infection. The drops mix with the water in your ear then speed up evaporation. Things are then left cleaner and protected with a non-toxic residue to inhibit bacterial growth.

How often can I use it?
Recommend for use following swimming, surfing, or diving as needed.

What are the active ingredients?
17mg/ml Glacial Acetic Acid, 630 mg/ml Isopropyl Alcohol

Drop In Ear Cleanser

Drop In Surf™ Ear Cleanser helps clear excessive earwax build-up by allowing wax to flow freely and unblock naturally.

How does it work?
The active ingredient of Drop In Ear Cleaners, hydrogen Peroxide, reacts with earwax causing an aerating fizz action that breaks up stubborn blockages and allows wax to flow freely

How often can I use it?
We recommend using Drop In Cleanser 1-3 times a week to maintain a healthy amount of wax in the ear. However, it can be used once daily if removing an extra stubborn build-up of excess earwax.

Is the crackling/popping sound normal?
Yes, the crackling/popping sound occurs because the active ingredient is reacting with earwax, dust, dirt, sand and other particles. Although it feels unusual, it is completely normal. If the crackling/popping sound does not occur, it indicates that there is no excess earwax or any other particles.

What are the active ingredients?
3% Hydrogen Peroxide.

To Drop In the best surfers eardrops to your store, email [email protected] for more.

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