eS Terminal 001

éS Hits Up Oslo, London, Barcelona & Zurich For Latest Vid ‘Terminal 001’

The latest vid offering from éS, ‘Terminal 001’, has dropped onto Free Skateboard Mag’s YouTube channel and website.  The guys head out into their home cities during the early months of 2021 to hit up some of their local spots.

éS presents ‘Terminal 001’ featuring Olli Weismatel, Stevie Culhane, Thiago Lima, Enrique Lorenzo, Dougie George, James Bush & Marcus Shaw.

Shot in Oslo, London, Barcelona and Zurich over the early months of 2021 during various stages of ever changing lockdown rules whilst security was somewhat lax, but travel was severely limited, the crew took advantage and got stuck in – digging into those darker corners of their respective cities.

Grab yourself a cold beer, sit back and enjoy Terminal 001…

106 VANS




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