BTR x EXC limited edition tees

Building The Revolution Drops Limited Edition Tees Into Surf Shops Via Exchange Collective

Available to be stocked by surf shops in the USA who use Exchange Collective, Building The Revolution (the guys behind Surf Shop Day) has released a limited edition run of tees. The Brews & Boards tees will be available from September 10.

Press Release:
Building The Revolution releases a limited-edition Brews & Boards tee through surf shops via Exchange Collective

Utilizing the power that Exchange Collective gives brands, Building the Revolution is releasing a limited-edition Brews & Boards t-shirt. Shirts will be available only through surf shops that use Exchange Collective starting Sep 10th.

Building The Revolution inspires a brand and retailer connection to preservers the culture of authentic surf retail. Exchange Collective gives brands the ultimate solution for omni-channel sales through their surf shops websites. Surf shops have always been the boots on the ground for the surf industry. Exchange Collective is one more solution a brand can use to build their image and distribution through authentic retailers.

“The Exchange Collective is consistently looking for ways to improve the brand and retailer relationship while blending click and order with brick and mortar” said Mike Vavak – Building The Revolution founder. “I hope this limited-edition release inspires brands to look at new ways to release limited edition products through specialty retail.”

Exchange Collective founded by twin brothers Dan and Dave Pankratz is SaaS e-commerce technology that provides an on-demand digital supply chain and risk-free, virtual inventory to retail, marketplaces, or influencer’s website.  Brands gain low-cost, ultra-targeted marketing and controlled distribution, while sellers earn additional product revenue and customer loyalty. Exchange Collective integrates with Brands’ back-office software, Shopify, and Magento e-commerce platform, allowing our platform to be installed easily for brands and retailers.  Exchange Collective empowers brands to distribute their entire product offering to any retail channel they choose.  Brands that upload to Exchange Collective can instantly have their products listed and available to the end customer through as many retailer channels they desire without sacrificing brand image, control, and pricing.

For more information Following Building The Revolution on Instagram: @building_the_revolution

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