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Autonomous, Self-Service SUP Rentals Via Equip App

Announced at The Paddle Sports Show, technology brand Equip have created an app that allows self-service paddleboard rentals. Users can pick a date, time and product then head to the nearest Equip station to pick up their board rental. More info below.

Press Release:
Equip: a new way to rent any sport; anytime, anywhere.

Equip announced the launch of its first product, an autonomous self-service rental solution for Stand Up Paddle, at “The Paddle Sports Show” in Lyon, France.

How does it work?
Download the Equip app, choose the location, time and product, then grab the gear at the Equip Station near where you’re going paddle boarding. The Equip Station itself is easy to install, 100% solar powered & constantly monitors all products to provide a high level of safety (parameters like hull air pressure, inventory & product status, weather conditions, etc.) with full remote station management via our proprietary dashboard interface.

“Equip designed the solution with an environmental conscience that is close to the heart of this start-up; protecting the environment where we play is more important than anything else today. The sharing-economy model is undoubtedly the best solution for combining practicality and ecology” said Thierry Kunz co-founder and marketing lead at Equip.

To accelerate Equip’s mission, Equip is opening up access to the system to any distributors or brands that would like to promote their products using Equip stations, as well as looking for local partners & reps around the world to help facilitate the access to paddle boards anytime, anywhere.



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