CJF Planting Seeds Apprenticeship Programme

Clown in Action x Concrete Jungle Foundation Create Planting Seeds Apprenticeship Programme

After successfully building two skateparks in Peru in 2021, Clown in Action and Concrete Jungle Foundation look to further their partnership in 2022 by developing CJF’s Planting Seeds Apprenticeship programme, where youngsters will learn the skills required to increase their employability.

Press Release:

Clown In Action first kicked off working with Concrete Jungle Foundation (CJF) in 2021 with giving some support to help build two skateparks in Peru by the end of 2021, a park that aims to help over 300 local children. As an international non-profit organisation, they have been building skateparks around the world bringing the positivity skateboarding offers to many local communities while investing much more through life-changing youth development programmes.

The Cerrito de la Virgen skatepark in Peru was completed in 17 days, scaling 170 sqm with The Planting Seeds Apprenticeship programme running central to the skatepark’s construction. Four of the apprentices furthered their learning experience with Concrete Jungle Foundation on the next Peru project, in Lobitos with the Bowl taking just 17 days to build thanks to a team of 13 people, scaling 260 sqm.

At the end of 2021, the two re-grouped and started planning what could be achieved together moving forward. A few ideas are bubbling up for 2022 and beyond. Our first aim together is to develop the CJF’s Planting Seeds Apprenticeship in 2022. This program gets to heart of what skateboarding can really achieve, leaving the life skills behind of Carpentry, Concrete shaping, Bricklaying, Photography, Videography, Editing, Project Management and Entrepreneurship. We aim to help local adolescents and young adults aged 16 and up in need of employable, hard skills for career development and direction and help take some of those young apprentice’s skills out further in the world. This project is part of a growing friendship and partnership between Clown and the amazing people at CJF. Get in 2022.

Progress updates will be posted via socials and online at www.clownskateboards.com in the very near future.

For more info please contact: [email protected]

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