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Introducing to 22/23: Nidecker’s New Supermatic Easy Entry Binding

“Automatic, universal, dual-entry”: Nidecker’s Supermatic binding is set to enter the market in 2022/23 after four years of R&D and testing. The binding combines the traditional two-strap with a more modern automatic, easy-entry system that can be used together or in isolation, promising comfort in every condition. To find out more, we got in touch with the guys over at Nidecker.

What is the Supermatic about and why did you do it?
Simply put, this binding is a game changer. Four years of sweat, blood and tears were poured into Supermatic, and we’re so proud to unveil it today.

Since the start of snowboarding, which Nidecker has been a part of since 1984, we’ve dreamed of having an automatic way of connecting to our boards. Back in the day we made the first rear entry binding, which was called the Back-In, then we collaborated with Switch for a bit, then like nearly everyone else we stopped with these systems because the technical limitations were just too significant…and mainstream snowboarding was clearly going in a two-strap direction (except for brands like Flow which stayed true to the easy-entry philosophy and have kept pushing it). Fast forward to today and Nidecker, just like the rest of the industry, has been working hard on easy-entry binding solutions. Over the development period, certain proof-of-concepts worked better than others, but every prototype just seemed to be missing something. Then Supermatic came along. Straight away and without any doubt, we saw that it made absolutely no compromise. It’s fast, automatic (like some others), and allows the use of any boot you want. And, unlike any other automatic binding, it works just like a normal two-strap which means the binding performs perfectly when things get steep, deep…or both.

How does it work? Please include key functional parts.
Well, it’s simple and intuitive, and can be used as an automatic or two-strap binding.

Automatic: The highback opens backwards, the straps raise up out the way (Active Strap Technology) then via downward force on the heel pedal as you drop back into the binding, the highback flips up by itself and the straps lower back, snugly into position. We’ve made getting in and out so easy with lots of attention to detail, like the roller at the base of the highback which makes the boot heel drop down effortlessly, and the glossy Slip & Grip Plate which allows you to slide your forefoot forward but retains the plush grip and absorption of our BankBeds.

Two-strap: Just use it like a two-strap binding. Nothing to explain, we’ve all been doing it for years.

What are the benefits of the Nidecker binding versus others on the market?
There are three principal performance advantages:

  • It works with every boot on the market. If you like your boots, and you have found a brand which works for your feet, be it Salomon, 32, Vans, Burton, or any other boot on the market, it’ll plug-and-play perfectly with Supermatic.
  • It’s automatic and works in any and every condition using the two-strap closure option.
  • The absolute most important thing is that two-strap feeling; you really keep that unique sensation of pushing & pulling on the straps to control your board, rather than lifting it up using your boots.
  • And (OK… a fourth advantage) – of course you don’t need to buy a boot and binding combo together.
Nidecker Supermatic 22-23

Supermatic 22/23

Who was on the development team?
We created a small, dedicated team for the Supermatic project. Team lead was our R&D master, Daniel Schmäh. The rest of the team was made up of other engineers, the brand lead, some members of the ops team, our team riders and then our testers. Supermatic really allowed us to mobilise all the different wings of the brand and after many, many meetings and test sessions, the bindings were ready to hit the market. Even though we’ve already been riding it in various iterations for a couple of years now 🙂

Which snowboard consumer groups are you expecting to get the most interest from for the new binding?
This binding is made for everyone. It’s a bit like when power steering started to be standard equipment in new cars; everyone used it, however they drove, it just made things better. Perhaps a pure park rider or jibber will stay with a two-strap for a greater freedom of movement when sending really big tricks, but anyone who is looking for comfort and less effort when you snowboard, and an easier was of strapping in, well…you won’t want to go back to a regular binding.

How will you be marketing the new binding?
Obviously this will be our biggest marketing story next year, along with the full relaunch of our boot line designed by Maurizio Molin, but to sum it up: This is what snowboarding has been waiting for.

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