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Episode 7 of EDP’s Surf For Tomorrow Series Heads to Basque Country Wavegarden

Ahead of the WSL European Junior Series final in France, the young surf stars of EDP’s Surf For Tomorrow ventured down to the Wavegarden in the Basque Country for an intense 4 day camp, followed by a trip to Ericeira, Portugal for some last minute training.

Press Release:
In Episode 7 of the EDP Surf For Tomorrow documentary series titled More Than Surf, the athletes ride the Wavegarden blind, and have their commitment tested in an intense four-day camp.

“I know they’re kids and just having fun, but this project deserves full commitment,” says narrator Shaun Tomson, in the latest episode of the EDP Surf For Tomorrow series. “Do the young surfers really want this?”

It’s the big question asked of João Mendonça, Gabriela Dinis, Matias Canhoto, Hans and Kai Odriozola as they complete an intense four-day camp at the Wavegarden in the Basque Country in Spain.

Coach José Seabra is pushing the young Iberian surfers aged between 13 and 17 as they attempt to achieve their dream of one day making the Championship Tour.

“Through EDP’s support we have this incredible platform to train champions and improve as people and human beings,” said Seabra. “However, the truth is no matter how talented you are, no matter how good results you get, every day is a new day and the surfers have to give 100 percent.”

After some of the athletes fail to give their all or listen completely to the coach’s instructions, Seabra decides to test the young athletes with an original training drill. The surfers hit the Wavegarden blindfolded and surf the waves by feel alone.

The innovative concept is followed by a video session watching CT surfers like Filipe Toledo surfing the Wavegarden. Basque surf star Ruben Vitoria then joins in a competition as the young surfers aim to put the four days of physical training, surfing technique, and sports psychology drills into a final competitive session.

Following the intense camp, the surfers return to Ericeira, Portugal, and apply their newly honed skills back in the ocean. With the final European Junior Series event coming up in Hossegor, France, it is the last chance for the athletes to train before the competitive season and the EDP Surf For Tomorrow series comes to its dramatic finale.

15-year-old Matias Canhoto is the standout back in the Atlantic Ocean and one who seems to have benefited the most from the Wavegarden camp. Embarking on his first pro junior series, with the support of his parents, Seabra, and the EDP Surf For Tomorrow program, he has a bright future. Yet already he has learned one crucial lesson.

“I’m the one that has to do everything,” says Canhoto, “No one can do it for me. I will do what It ever it takes.” He seems to have answered Shaun Tomson’s question.

Surf For Tomorrow is part of EDP’s Changing Tomorrow Now program which illustrates its commitment to the planet’s sustainability and renewable energies. Using the power of wind, sun, and water, the company is aiming to be 100% green by 2030.

See more information about the Surf For Tomorrow program here.

See more information about all the projects and the Changing Tomorrow Now program on the EDP website.

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