Stubai Premiere 2022

Stubai Premiere 2022

What a start to the 2022/23 season! Frau Holle let it snow, as ordered. The snow was urgently needed to be able to pull off the event.

Saturday, first day of testing: The weather was still a bit cloudy and the brands had to dig their kit out from under the fresh snow, which immediately put everyone in a good mood. The first snow – it finally came! The whole day was busy screwing and testing; there was really something going on. Snowboarders are back…

2nd test day: BLUE BIRD… a little powder here and there. The perfect test day. Everyone, whether manufacturer or consumer, enjoyed the sun, the fresh snow, and the positive vibes.

The season needs to go on like this!


114 winter pro event
114 Shops 1st try general


NSP SUP 2024 Preview


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