Volcom X Go-Shred Collab On Limited Edition Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Volcom has collaborated with car sharing website Go Shred on a limited edition long sleeve t-shirt. With only 80 pieces available, the t-shirt will be in hot demand exclusively available at go-shredSHOP.com. Volcom rider, Flo Corzelius can also be seen repping the t-shirt in the new edit from the team.

Press Release: When we teamed up with Volcom at the very beginning of go-shred.com back in 2009, we were and still are stoked on what Volcom did for the shred scene, but now even more so because we’ve released a very special LS together. And we gave a special LS to a special person…to Flo Corzelius!

Volcom X go-shred LS

Volcom X go-shred LS


Check the clip and check out why …

The Long Sleeve only available at go-shredSHOP.com (limited to 80 pieces)




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