First French Town To Ban Hydro Foiling On Its Beaches

Anglet, France has put a ban on any hydrofoiling activity on their 5km stretch of beaches in what they believe is a preemptive move to reduce the risk of injury to other bathers. 

The city of Anglet in SW France has released a local ordinance on 29th May, banning any hydrofoiling activity on its 5 KM stretch of beaches. No accident related to foiling has been reported yet, but nonetheless Anglet’s Town Hall put an emphasis on the risks bathers are facing due to the proximity of foiling enthusiasts, whether they are kiteboarders, surfers or SUPers. Any trespassers will face penal action. Local waterman and big wave charger Stephane Iralour isn’t happy with the mayor’s decision and stated “there’s a lot of delusion surrounding foiling, although accidents are no more frequent than with [regular] surfboards”, adding the ban sends an awkward message for a town boasting its ‘ville de surf’ label.




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