Mick Fanning & Mason Ho In ‘The Search’ For Outer Inner Space With Rip Curl

3x World Surfing Champion, Mick Fanning, and Mason Ho take to the outer reaches of Torquay, Victoria with Rip Curl to find six-to-eight foot waves and to take some time away from a world that is growing ever smaller. The outcome – a honest, true to self video, ‘The Search’ for Outer Inner Space. 

Outer Inner Space

Press Release: Torquay, Victoria (Monday, August 6, 2018): Mick Fanning is jumping out of his skin. It’s taken four days to get here and waking to the sight of six-to-eight foot A-frames unloading right in front of the camp has got the three-time World Champ’s blood at maximum fizz.

Looking around, though, we could be in any of a million places. Giant scrubby plateaus stretch for miles softened only by the familiar pink hue of the soon-to-be-rising sun. It could be West Oz. It could be Chile. It could be the moon… (if the moon had blue sky, pumping waves and a little lizard doing push ups on a nearby rock). This is the desert and, like any desert, it doesn’t take long venturing into one to quickly discover an overwhelming sense of complete isolation – a feeling that’s becoming more and more absent as modern life invades ever deeper into our personal space… but sheez, let’s not go there just yet.

Welcome to The Search for Outer Inner Space. Watch now.




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