Horsefeathers Launch New B2B Tool

Horsefeathers announced news of their B2B tool which makes ordering their W19/20 easier than ever. 


A few days ago, we introduced the annual Horsefeathers HF30 collection in our W1920 Outerwear Preview (link:, and today we received news from Horsefeathers about an important B2B tool, that is making the pre-ordering of the W1920 collection way easier for the retailers. More in the official Press Release:

As a result of the success of our B2C configurator, the changes we made in the structure of the W1920 collection and the increase in focus on pre-ordering combos, we have prepared for our partners the W1920 B2B Configurator (link:, which is making the pre-ordering of combos much easier. The W1920 B2B configurator is available online, as well as an offline tool. It’s a great tool to visualize and save favorite combos or when the store crew is helping with the selection. The W1920 B2B Configurator is also a great tool at all fairs and on-snow demos.

Michal Berka, Horsefeathers International Sales manager commented on the tool:

“Our B2B configurator is a great, easy to use, tool we developed for our customers. Retailers can better plan the key combos when doing the pre-order and also save them visually for further use when planning the campaigns. It’s a very helpful tool on the trade shows or sales meetings.”

The full overview of all supporting tools for W1920 pre-orders is available in our B2B system. You can check the configurator on the link below.

B2B W1920 Configurator:

W1920 Catalog on Issuu:




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