The Longboard Classic: The “Woodstock of Snowboarding” Celebrates 20th Anniversary

April 6, 2019, “The Woodstock of Snowboarding”, The Longboard Classic event will see it’s 20th anniversary. The event is open to everyone and due to take place in Stuben, Austria. 


Press Release: Stuben/ Arlberg, April 6, 2019 – „The Woodstock of Snowboarding“ celebrates its 20TH anniversary!

Freeriders from the Germanic region mixed with legends from Europe, Japan and the USA! More than 400 shredders spend “2 Days of Peace, Music and Snow” together! A simple but unique concept that has been uniting “snowboard lovers” of all ages for 20 years!

Instead of an event announcement that sounds always very similar anyway, we let the maker of the Longboard Classics, Paul Gruber, speak:

Yes, they exist: those moments that change your life. In the autumn of 1979 I happened upon an advertisement from a guy named Jake Burton in the American publication, ‘Skateboarder Magazine’ and I became his first customer outside the US. Later, I was a SIMS team rider, founded CRAZY BANANA with Harry Gunz, and then RAD-AIR.

I am now starting my 40th snowboarding season and I cannot imagine a greater sport! To feel such moments of happiness is what the Longboard Classic is all about – and has been for the last 20 years! at the LBC we spend a day – with or without bindings – together with 400 friends in the mountains. Because snowboarding (or snowsurfing, or skiboarding) was never only a sport.

The ‘Woodstock of Snowboarding’ means that instead of groomed pistes you get 1000m vertical tree-free freeride runs; instead of ‘Nouvelle Cuisine’ there is healthy food from the common kitchen; and instead of prize money, you will get hugs and high-fives from everyone.

We welcome you, pros and bros. Grab your boards and spend a day with your friends on April 6, 2019, in the snowboard Nirvana of Stuben. Thank you for keeping the spirit of snowboarding alive.“

CU soon!

Paul Gruber
Snowboard-Enthusiast seit 1980


On the cover: Pukas’ Adur Letamendia surfing the Pukas Pegaso by Chris Christenson. Photo by Carles Medina.


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