Glassing Portugal Announce Distribution & Manufacturing Of Saxon Looker’s Surfboards

Glassing Portugal  will be producing and distributing Native Surfboards shaped by Saxon Looker throughout Europe. Adding to their already eco-friendly portfolio of brands Saxon Looker’s surfboards will be a great addition with his already strong EPS designs.

Glassing Portugal Saxon Looker Surfboards

Press Release: Native Surfboards by Saxon Looker in the European Market.
Glassing Portugal announces the production and the distribution of Saxon Looker Surfboards in Europe. Designed in Australia and very recognizable in Bali, where the brand has developed a flagship store. Saxon Looker’s surfboards will appear very soon in the stores across Europe, by the hand of Nuno Viegas, from Glassing Portugal.
With the experience of Nuno in this European market to develop the EPS Eco-boards and with extreme quality in PU boards, Saxon Looker seems to be a good goal for this year. Nuno used to travel and work closely with shapers like Simon Anderson, Luke Short or even Matt Penn who is always grabbing new opportunities for something new in Europe.
“… I believe Saxon makes great boards for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers. His EPS designs are very strong and we want it with the ECO Board stamp on it. I saw some models and almost all fit in the surfer’s demand. I’m really happy to have Saxon in my role of players… “ Nuno told us.


On the cover: Pukas’ Adur Letamendia surfing the Pukas Pegaso by Chris Christenson. Photo by Carles Medina.


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