DC Area43 Chalet Hosts First Women’s Trip

For the first time ever DC hosted a women’s trip to their DC Area43 in Meribel. A handful of ladies from the action sports industry and creative industry enjoyed a taste of the DC lifestyle.

DC area43 maribel women's

Press Release: This March saw the first ever women’s trip to DC’s iconic chalet, DC Area43 in Meribel.

DC chose a handful of inspiring women from the action sports and creative industries,

and took them to Méribel for a chance to experience snowboarding and the DC lifestyle first hand.

Attendees including skateboarders such as Aimee (Skate Middleton), Rianne Evans, Deimante, and influencers such as Juice Gee, Kicki Yang and Jessica Woodley.

The girls embarked on an action packed 4 days experiencing the DC lifestyle at the one and only DC Area43.



On the cover: Pukas’ Adur Letamendia surfing the Pukas Pegaso by Chris Christenson. Photo by Carles Medina.


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