Slowtide Launch Creative Canvas Art Contest

Slowtide have launched their Creative Canvas Art Contest. Slowtide have worked with many artists and photographers over the years but now they are looking for someone new to collaborate with to produce their next beach towel. 

Announcing the Slowtide Creative Canvas Art Contest

Slowtide Exists to provide a new medium for art and self-expression. By turning an everyday essential into a functional piece of art, we have created a broader reaching canvas for all environments. We work with world-renowned artists and photographers, including Takashi Murakami, Kevin Lyons, Don Pendleton, Mark McIinnis, Clark Little, and Ty Williams, and now we are looking for our next great collaboration!

We want to reward your creativity! Please submit your art and photography via Instagram and show us how your creative canvas would make the perfect Slowtide Beach Towel. Please review the rules to enter.
We will select one artist & one photographer and each will receive $500, plus $500 worth of Slowtide product. Your work will also be made into 50 limited edition towels and will be showcased in this summer’s “The Art of Drying Off” art show.

  • All submissions must feature the hashtag #slowtidecreativecanvas in the caption and tag @slowtide to be entered
  • All submissions must be available in RECTANGULAR format and high resolution
  • All submissions must be posted by 12pm PST on May 31st, 2019
  • Art can be new or old, but please submit only your original work

Announcing the Slowtide Creative Canvas Art Contest

Slowtide created a new medium for art, catering to a love of the beach, nature, travel, and comfort. We took a category that was otherwise mundane and turned it into a work of art. Blending design and functionality, Slowtide collaborates with brands, artists, and photographers to bring beautiful, unique designs, all while maintaining premium, sustainable quality.
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