Quiksilver Athlete Mat Crepel And Best Friend Damien Castera Release Latest Movie ‘Aurora Riding North’

Quiksilver athlete Mat Crepel and best friend Damien Castera made their way to Norway in search of some of the best waves and snow there was to offer. The result, ‘Aurora Riding North’ a breathtaking short edit.

« In January 2019, snowboarder Ma- thieu Crepel and surfer Damien Cas- tera traveled to the extrem north of Norway for a boardriding expedition in the heart of the arctic winter.

Between snowy peaks and icy waves, they sunk in the dark polar night where the solar winds orchestrate the fairy danse of the northern lights.

Here is their short film ! »

Directed by Pierre Frechou

Ocean and mountains are for him an inseparable duo. Since his very young age, he travels between seasons, following the cycle of water, searching for snow flakes in the winter and waves in the summer.

The early stage of his career drove him towards competition. Nationals then world tours, travelling the world in a quest for medals. 4 world tittles, 2 times olympian and a silver medal at the X-Games gave him full satisfaction. He is to this day the winningest french freestyle snowboarder and is considered by his peers
as one of the most well rounded riders in the world.

Surfing has always been a huge passion for him, he keeps spending his time between the mountains and the waves not looking for medals but for new experiences and places to discover.

Even with a successful surfing competitive career, he’s always been driven by the true essence of traveling.

Being inspired by new cultures, adventures and secret waves. He likes to share his adventures directing documentaries that have found success in numerous film festivals.

He also loves writing and just published a book about his latest expeditions with Mathieu following the course of water in Alaska and Patagonia.

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