Simon Anderson’s Surfboards Now Produced At Xhapeland, Portugal

Simon Anderson Surfboards are now manufactured at Xhapeland. Barring France, the Portuguese manufacturer is responsible for the entire European market for the brand.

Simon Anderson Surfboards Xhapeland Thrust

Xhapeland will be responsible for the entire European market, except France.

Press Release: After a period of reflection and quality control, as well as material quality analysis, Simon Anderson Surfboards has started producing his surfboards at Xhapeland, Portugal’s existing surfboard manufacturer. From September 01, 2019, Simon has joined well-known names in the surfboard industry, namely Rusty, Jason Rodd and even James Cheal (Chilli).

Nuno Viegas, Simon’s agent and brand image and quality person across Europe claims to be a necessary step towards Simon’s good name and brand growth. Xhapeland is responsible for the European market, with the exception of France where Simon Anderson will continue to produce with already renowned factories and with whom he has a strong and longstanding relationship. Simon will probably be present in Portugal after a visit to France at the time of the surfing world championship and the release of his book Thrust – The Simon Anderson History.

Simon Anderson Surfboards Xhapeland Thrust

This is an important step for Simon’s brand growth, according to his agent.


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