Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest Customisation

Vans Launches Shoe Customisation Contest – Custom Culture

The shoe customisation contest will give its customers a chance to get creative and possibly see their own design produced by the American shoe manufacturer.

Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest Customisation

A chance for participants to see their own design on an official Vans product.

Vans has launched ‘Custom Culture’ – a shoe customisation contest which will take in submissions from the participants and give them a chance to win £20,000 and see their design produced by the company! One just needs to follow four simple steps to participate in this contest.

Vans Custom Culture Shoe Design Contest Customisation

The Vans Authentic shoe template can be downloaded or collected from any Vans store.

  1. Download the Vans Authentic shoe template. (It is also available for collection at any Vans store)
  2. Get creative on paper or go digital! Create your own design!
  3. Upload and submit your design. Once approved by moderators, it will be added to the competition’s gallery. You can submit multiple designs as well.
  4. Finally, it’s time to vote! Promote your design to get votes and/or vote for the ones you like between October 01, 2019 and October 13, 2019.

For more information about the contest, click here.




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