How to XV Manage Sluff Xavier De Le Rue Third Season YouTube

Xavier De Le Rue Launches Third Season Of How To XV, Releases New Episode – Manage Sluff

Xavier De Le Rue has launched the new season of his popular series – How to XV and has released a new episode. The French prof big mountain snowboarder wants to pass on his snowboarding knowledge, tips, and tricks to the next generation through this series.

How to XV Manage Sluff Xavier De Le Rue Third Season YouTube2)

The third season of How to XV series has been launched.

The third season of Xavier De Le Rue’s series – How to XV – has been launched. His goal is to make the most comprehensive freeride library on YouTube, giving people a place to learn the basics – a toe edge turn – through to the extreme, like his latest episode – Managing Sluff. Fifteen episodes will launch throughout the winter, every Wednesday. He hopes that these will inspire the snowboard community to get out and enjoy the mountains safely.

How to XV Manage Sluff Xavier De Le Rue Third Season YouTube

Through this series, Xavier wants to pass on his 20+ years of snowboarding experience to the next generation.

How To Manage Sluff
It doesn’t take much sluff to rip you off your feet, a moment’s hesitation, or underestimating the power of the light stuff and your dream line can quickly turn into a nightmare.

In this episode of How To XV, Xavier talks through sluff and how to manage it, the different ways of dealing with it, from knowing your line and anticipating how the sluff runs, as well as the options of full commitment through to letting the sluff run past you and how to stay safely out the way.


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