Spektrum Winners Of ISPO Gold Award For Their Plant-Based Goggles

Scandinavian company Spektrum are the gold award winner of the Goggles and Glasses category at ISPO, Munich 2020. Their new goggles, Östra, are made from 64% plant-based bio-materials and recycled materials, showing sustainability is the way forward.

2020 Spektrum Ostra Premium White Evelina

Spektrum Ostra Premium White Evelina

 Press Release:
Spektrum, plant-based goggles, Gold winners at ISPO Awards 2020, Munich

We are proud to announce our new frame for FW 20/21 “ÖSTRA” as the ISPO Award 2020 Gold winner in the Goggles & Glasses category. The ISPO jury states:

“As a jury, we were most excited by Spektrum’s conscious efforts to minimise their impact on the planet with their use of plant based-materials and with their injected dying methods.”
-Justine Mulles, Outdoor Women’s Alliance

The new goggle is designed and developed in Åre, Sweden and its name Östra has its origin in a zone at Mount Åreskutan that has been a proving ground for decades. This fully featured top-of-the-line goggle produced using plant-based materials comes with a magnetic lens exchange system. Strap outriggers that ensures a great fit with your helmet and an unsurpassed field of vision for full control on the slopes.

Spektrum Gold Award Winners

Spektrum Gold Award Winners; Ostra Goggle breakdown

“Spektrum is committed to design and develop eye wear in a sustainable way. To win the Gold Award at ISPO proves that our dedicated work has paid off and that we as a company are on the right path for the future”.
-Andreas Nilemo, CEO, Spektrum Sports

The Plant Based Process
Spektrum’s frames are made of plant-based non-food derivatives from corn. The details on our frames are made out non-food resin and castor bean derivates. 64% of the product is produced of plant-based bio-material and recyclable materials. Through our process they are modified into polymers and become pellets that are injected with colour. The dye process ensures a superior durability and depth of colour for all our frames. This vastly improves colour performance, durability and scratch resistance. The process also spares workers and our environment from exposure to hazardous solvents and chemicals.

Spektrum is a Scandinavian, sustainable sports brands with its roots in Åre, Sweden. Our products are developed and designed for an active life, produced of plant based, recycled and recyclable materials. We enable present and future generations to explore and enjoy nature by making sustainable choices and outstanding products.




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