Own Part Of One Of Eiki Helgason’s Broken Snowboards From Film Project SSS

13 Horsefeathers’ Deck Belts have been made using a board used and broken by Eiki Helgason during the filming of his project SSS. 100% handmade, this signature deck belt comes with a lifetime warranty and gives you the opportunity to own part of boardsport history.

Eiki Helgason Signature Deck Belt

Eiki Helgason Signature Deck Belt

Press Release:
Eiki Helgason’s Signature Deck Belt Limited Drop

Horsefeathers is dropping a limited edition of only 13 pcs of Eiki Helgason Signature Deck Belt made from his snowboard, which was broken during filming for his actual project SSS.

Eiki broke a couple of boards while shooting his newest SSS project. For the first time in history, he filmed 3 different boardsports full parts: skateboarding, snowskating, and snowboarding. Now, you have the chance to be a proud owner of a small piece of one of them. Horsefeathers recycled one of his boards and created 13 unique Eiki Helgason Signature Deck Belts → go.horsefeathers.eu/deck-belt-eiki

“This belt project is such a great idea, because usually broken boards just end up in thrash! But with this it will get a new life.” Eiki Helgason

  • Custom buckle made from Eiki’s broken snowboard
  • Each piece is an original with unique code
  • 100% handmade in the Czech Republic
  • Possibility of online registration
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Genuine leather strap

Horsefeathers Deck Belt
Our team riders consistently send it hard whether they are out filming a video part, shooting photos, or attending a contest. Crashes are an unfortunate part of snowboarding, and it always sucks when you destroy your board during the slam. We decided to put broken boards to good use, and that’s why we’re coming out with an upgrade of our unique patented product called Deck Belt, which is made entirely from broken snowboards and skateboards. Available in very limited numbers and created by using only snowboards broken by our riders, each belt has its own story to tell. We now proudly present the Signature Deck Belts.

Signature Deck Belt

Signature Deck Belt

The Horsefeathers Deck Belt history began in 2011 when we made the very first belt from a skate deck and introduced it at ISPO Munich, where the Deck Belt won many awards. A year later, we added the second Deck2 Belt made from used snowboards. The Deck Belt is 100% handmade in the Czech Republic. Each piece is original and has its unique code for online registration, which guarantees a lifetime warranty. The belt is made from 100% genuine leather. Between the proud owners of Deck Belt, you can count American skate legend Tony Magnusson, Osiris shoes CEO Tony Chen or The Helgason’s brothers.

Each trip or session can bring a new Deck Belt story, so check https://go.horsefeathers.eu/deck-belt and support your favourite rider!

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