etnies X Trees For The Future Reach 2 Million Trees Goal

etnies X Trees for the Future have reached their goal of planting 2 million trees by 2020 as a result of their ‘Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree’ project, launched in 2011. The project is expanding for 2020 and one tree will be donated to Trees for the Future with every shoe purchase.

etnies 2 million trees since 2011

etnies, global action sports footwear and apparel company, is proud to announce they’ve reached their goal of planting two million trees by 2020 with their partners Trees for the Future, thanks to the continued help and support of fans and retailers.

etnies are excited to announce the expansion of their Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project. For every purchase of etnies footwear from their 2020 collection, one tree donation will be made to Trees for the Future in their honour, as a representation of their support and participation.

Watch their new Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree Project edit, “2 Million Trees Since 2011, Thank You”:

etnies Jameson 2 eco

Jameson 2 eco featuring recycled rubber outsole

Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree – The Jameson 2 Eco

The Buy a Shoe, Plant a Tree project is made possible only with your help. Growing steadily since the initial launch in 2011, driven by the Jameson 2 Eco, it is constructed using vegan-friendly materials and a 20% recycled rubber outsole.

etnies are proud to introduce their new Bloom and Preserve collections in their Spring 2020 footwear line. With the goal of reducing their impact on the environment, their products were designed utilising their most eco-friendly materials.

etnies X Bloom – Turning Green Water Into Clean Water

etnies x bloom

etnies Balboa Bloom – Featuring Bloom algae performance foam outsole

The new Bloom Collection for Spring 2020 features styles created using the world’s first plant-based foam, formulated with algae biomass, a recycled inner lining and mesh upper, and laces made of recycled plastic bottles.

The Preserve Collection – Our Most Eco-Friendly Styles

etnies Conner and Parker Coffin

etnies surf team riders Conner and Parker Coffin – both brothers have signature colourways in the Preserve and Bloom styles in the etnies Spring 2020 collection available now.

Their Preserve Collection includes their most eco-friendly styles, featuring Bloom insoles, 100% organic cotton, recycled polyester lining, a 20% recycled rubber outsole and laces made of recycled plastic bottles.

new 2020 spring collection

The new Spring 2020 Preserve collection – Jameson Preserve

Together we can do more. Thank you for helping make our world a better place!

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