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Vans To Host Virtual Memorial To Jeff Grosso Tomorrow

Tomorrow at 12PM PST/ 3PM EST- April 28, his birthday- Vans will host a virtual memorial for legend Jeff Grosso. Full of dedications from friends and family, chats with other skate icons and never-before-seen-footage, the memorial will look back over his life and celebrate his achievements. 

Jeff Grosso skating

Jeff Grosso

Vans Celebrates the Life of Skateboarding Legend Jeff Grosso

Live on Vans’ YouTube on April 28

The virtual memorial will look back on the icon’s life and devotion to skate culture

Grosso Forever

The old adage has never rung more true for Vans: legends never die. In memory of beloved Vans family member and skateboarding icon Jeff Grosso, the brand will bring together Jeff’s closest friends to celebrate his life during a virtual gathering next week on April 28—Grosso’s birthday. The memorial livestream will be hosted on Vans YouTube and Vans Facebook at 12PM PST / 3PM EST.

Grosso leaves behind a prolific legacy of skateboarding history, having touched the lives of skaters—and skate nerds—of all ages and backgrounds with his cunning commentary, tenacious attitude, and enduring activism for preserving the core. The special ceremony will showcase never before seen footage of Jeff doing what he does best, along with personal video dedications from friends and family. Moderated by Chris Nieratko, the event will close with an intimate memorial gathering with respected skate names such as Steve Van Doren, Loveletters to Skateboarding co-creators Rick Charnoski and Buddy Coan, John Lucero, Steve Olson, Steve Alba and Lizzie Armanto.

Despite the era of social distancing, Vans brings us all together for this unique and truly special moment – a heartfelt ode to many lives lived by a passionate man who loved skateboarding more than anyone. Jeff Grosso, you are missed!

Jeff Grosso

Provocateur and historian with a Cheshire Cat grin, Jeff Grosso was so well known for being audacious, sardonic, and usually right on the money, that it’s easy to forget that he gained his name with badass inverts, powerful grinds, and contest success. As the mouthpiece for skateboarding’s precious minutia and first-hand keeper of its lore, Grosso’s gifted as much as he’s a gift to skating. Re-live his unforgettable persona through his renowned web show, Jeff Grosso’s Loveletters to Skateboarding, on Vans YouTube now.

Jeff Grosso filming


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