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dewerstone Achieves Carbon Neutral Certified Status

Through rigorous calculations of carbon footprint in all aspects of their business, efforts and plans to reduce this footprint and the purchase of carbon credits to offset emissions during 2019- dewerstone has achieved Carbon Neutral Certified Status. 

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Press Release: dewerstone Announces Achievement of Climate Neutral Certified Status
The company has successfully measured and offset its entire 2019 greenhouse gas emissions and implemented reduction strategies for the future

dewerstone, an outdoor lifestyle clothing brand based in Dartmoor National Park, has successfully achieved Climate Neutral Certified status by measuring its 2019 greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions this year and beyond. Taking these direct actions against climate change qualifies dewerstone to display the Climate Neutral Certified label in its branding and marketing for the next year before re-certifying.

“Having partnered with 1% for the Planet in 2019, this year, we are working hard to get the other 99% right too. We are now Climate Neutral Certified. This means we measure our carbon footprint, set ambitious targets to reduce it to which we are accountable, then offset the rest through accredited schemes,” says dewerstone founder, Rory Atton.

Every company displaying the Climate Neutral Certified label has taken the same steps to address climate pollution. The process involves first estimating all of the carbon emissions from making and delivering a company’s products or services. dewerstone calculated its 2019 carbon footprint to be 62 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent. Companies must then follow a set of standards for buying verified carbon credits to offset their entire footprint. Carbon credits are a direct investment into reducing and capturing carbon dioxide, and can support a range of projects such as forest conservation, renewable energy, and direct destruction of climate-changing gases.

All Climate Neutral Certified companies also commit to a reduction action plan to cut future emissions. This year, dewerstone will: switch quarterly air freight orders to sea freight, lobby their landlord to improve premises’ energy efficiency with independent evaluation of their buildings energy performance, switch to a renewable electricity supplier and ensure all outgoing packaging is 100% kerbside recyclable.

dewerstone is climate neutral

dewerstone is climate neutral

“Climate Neutral Certified companies show the world that immediate action on climate change is possible and essential,” says Austin Whitman, CEO of Climate Neutral. “We’ve certified our first group
of companies this April and believe this is the beginning of a powerful movement among consumers and companies. Even at this difficult time, our newly certified brands are leading the way by recognising that climate change must be solved. They believe that all companies should take immediate voluntary action to zero out their entire carbon footprint, and are engaging their consumers around this important issue like never before.”

dewerstone has joined other Climate Neutral Certified brands in leading the way to put planet before profit. Learn more about Climate Neutral and browse all of the certified brands at



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