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Cancelled: Wheels & Waves 2020

The Wheels and Waves team have released a statement to sadly announce the cancellation of this year’s event in Biarritz. With uncertainty surrounding the possibility of new restrictions and the safety risk to attendees due the current situation of increasing COVID cases in Spain and France, the team decided it was best to cancel.

Wheels and Waves “Hors Serie” 2020 Cancelled

“We dreamt it, nurtured it, it was within our reach, but due to the current health situation and the latest implemented measures, we have been forced to cancel the Wheels and Waves “Hors Serie” edition that was to be held from 3rd to 6th September 2020.

We knew that postponing the festival from June to September 2020 was subject to the evolution of the health situation. We have been reminded of it every day over the past few weeks. But we decided to try. Boosted by your encouragements, and the unfailing support of local authorities and our partners working alongside us, we did all we could to offer you an event of a slightly different format but just as exhilarating as always.

Yet the evolution of the health crisis over the past few days, the increasing number of unknown elements, and new restrictions which have been legitimately enforced upon us, began to plant seeds of doubt. Today, the doubt has been replaced by a foregone conclusion: the intensification of the situation has made it impossible for us to continue to prepare the “Hors Serie” edition as we imagined it at the beginning of June. And even if we were to bring the project to fruition, where would the pleasure be in coming together without the spontaneity, coolness, craziness and freedom? What is the point in holding an event based on exchange and sharing at a time when everywhere we go, we have to keep our distance? Confronted by the highly restrictive health measures currently in effect, and because we have a responsibility to take part in keeping everyone safe, we feel duty-bound to cancel the event.

To preserve the founding values of the festival, so that Wheels and Waves remains for ever more a time of sharing, celebration and freedom, we will be back in 2021 for our 10th anniversary which, we can tell you now, will be extraordinary! Until then, stay connected. We will continue to bring you wonderful things to discover and to share…

The Wheels and Waves team”





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