Florence Marine X

John John Florence Launches Brand W/ Bob Hurley

Back-to-back world champion and qualifier for the USA Olympic surf team, John John Florence is launching a new outdoor apparel brand in collaboration with Bob Hurley. Florence Marine X is set to arrive in Spring 2021.


Press Release:
John John Florence Launches Florence Marine X Spring 2021

Two-time world champion surfer John John Florence announces Florence Marine X, an innovation-led company founded by Florence. Focusing on apparel, Florence Marine X will build products for outdoor exploration and thriving in the elements, while doing its best to protect the ocean and the land.

“I am excited to announce Florence Marine X, an apparel brand I am proud to launch alongside Bob Hurley, who has been an inspiration to me over the years, along with longtime friends and industry leaders. We are excited to explore what’s possible and build products that celebrate the ocean, sustainability, exploration and overall just doing the right thing.  I’m looking forward to the road ahead and invite you to follow along in this new adventure,” says Florence.

“We are incredibly energized to embark on this journey with John, his curiosity, vision, and obsession for exploration are unsurpassed. We’ve been on the same team before and we really had a whole lotta fun,” says Bob Hurley.

Florence Marine X will launch spring 2021 with a full range of men’s apparel, wetsuits, board shorts and more.

Follow the adventure and stay informed on all announcements at www.florencemarinex.com and @Florence_Marine_X.

Florence Marine X is a partnership between John John Florence and Kandui Holdings LLC




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