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Angel Gone: Hit The Waves In Vans New Short Film

Chilled, old school Cali vibes ooze from Vans’ new short film Angel Gone. From the cinematography to Karina Rozunko’s surfing style, the desire to hit the waves after watching Angel Gone will be irresistible.

Vans Presents Angel Gone
A film by Karina Rozunko

On the heels of a busy year spent travelling far and wide, Vans team rider Karina Rozunko showcases her unique and timeless style in a new short film, “Angel Gone”. After the release of the Surfer-Poll-nominated film “Doll Riot”, Karina and filmmaker Jimmy Jazz teamed up to create another stunning piece of surf cinema.

Hailing from San Clemente, California, Karina has refined her skills surfing one of the world’s most well-known longboarding waves, San Onofre. Her distinct footwork and ability to read waves is well-suited for logging waves like San O and beyond. This is on display in “Angel Gone” as Karina draws smooth lines and hangs heels effortlessly while gliding atop the warm waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans. Karina’s fun-loving personality in and out of the water shines through alongside intercut frames of her original artwork accompanied by 8mm film footage shot in-between sessions by Jimmy Jazz.

Set to the lo-fi sounds of Orange County’s Red Theme, Karina’s elegant posture while in the ocean is likened to an intricate dance. Every movement is intentional and performed with an unmistakable ease and finesse.

The release of “Angel Gone” coincides with the drop of Karina’s signature Vans collection this fall. As Karina’s personal aesthetic has blossomed over the years, her style in and out of the water has become inter-meshed in a way that sets her apart in a crowd. Karina’s attention to detail, colour, and functionality underpins this new selection of footwear and apparel that encapsulates her style and grace. Simple designs and warm colours make Karina’s new line stand out.

“Angel Gone” serves as a splendid reminder of how important style and personality truly is in all facets of life. Karina embodies this concept through everything that she does whether she is riding waves in the water or spending time on land.

“Angel Gone” is available now for your viewing pleasure.

Karina Rozunko in Angel Gone

To learn more about Karina and Vans Surf, visit or contact: [email protected]




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