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Snowboarders Ready For 16th Opening Weekender At Hintertux Glacier

Snowboarding’s opening event, the Park Opening, is set to take place across October 1 – 4, 2020. Betterpark welcomes pro and amateur snowboarders to the Hintertux glacier for 4 days of shredding, tricks, entertainment and contests.

Hintertux Glacier is getting ready for the 16th Park Opening from October 1 – 4, 2020 

The current snow conditions at Hintertux glacier are promising a great start into the new winter season. These are excellent preconditions for the upcoming Park Opening in Hintertux. For the 16th time the snowboard community kicks off the new season from October 1 – 4, 2020, in the Tux valley.

Snowboarders are looking forward to the coming winter season, and traditionally, the Park Opening in Hintertux is the very first of all winter events. Due to Covid-19 this year’s event concentrates solely on the events on the mountain. Betterpark, up at Hintertux glacier, will be the meeting point, which opened last weekend. Wille Kaufmann and his team (Betterpark’s company) are providing a top park setup as they do every autumn. For the opening-weekend in early October, Tux-local and snowboard pro Werni Stock is inviting snowboarders to join the “Werni Stock Invitational”. There’ll also be a Big Air Session on the big jump for invited pro riders, but also amateurs, who want to participate. The Metal Battle Rail Contest hosted by SANE! Snowboarding, which celebrated a successful premiere last year in the valley, will take place on the mountain this year, in view from Tuxer Fernerhaus. Additionally, the snowboard industry will be present with the latest test material. The season pass is valid from October 1 onwards, which means opening weekend is included for pass and Snowcard holders.

Just like every year, Video Night is happening at the Tux-Center. Obviously, organisers will pay attention in terms of seating to guarantee a minimum distance for a worry-free premiere evening. Bars are open in Tux and Hintertux according to Covid-19 official requirements.

As mentioned above, organisers are implementing all official Covid-19 requirements to make sure that the weekend will be safe and carefree for everyone involved. It is important that every visitor takes responsibility for following the rules and contributes towards keeping themselves and other guests safe. Solidarity and adhering to current measures will make it a relaxed winter kick-off. Schedule changes are possible, depending on changes to official requirements.

Find details and updates, as well as current Covid-19 information regs, for the Park Opening 2020: and

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