Spy Optic Bollé Brands AMCE Acquires

VMDUK Appointed UK Distributors Of Eyewear Brand SPY+

Bollé Brands have appointed VMDUK to distribute SPY+, Californian based sunglass and eyewear brand, throughout the UK. The highly experienced VMDUK have also been asked to be UK distributors for Bolle RX and winter products.

Press Release:
Born in 1994 in San Diego, SPY+ hails from the intersection of cultures that define California youth. 2020 spells new opportunities for SPY+. Following its acquisition by the group, Bollé Brands™, last September, the brand is now orchestrating its new sales strategy in Europe. “The group is excited to be able to support SPY+ teams and to boost their presence in Europe thanks to our team experience”, says Peter Smith, President & CEO of Bollé Brands™. On the back of this grand purchase, Bollé Brands has requested the UK renowned VMDUK to distribute the SPY+ Sunglasses, RX and Winter products on their behalf in the UK.

VMDUK, headed by former Oakley and Adidas UK Sales Manager Martin Jones, has led the Dirty Dog Eyewear brand to huge success over the last 25 years, becoming the leading core-priced extreme sports eyewear brand in the UK market, and will now offer the SPY+ brand alongside. “We, at VMDUK, are extremely proud and excited to work with Bollé on this opportunity. With a solid history of developed, amiable retail relationships and a mature UK warehousing and logistics system, VMDUK is ideally placed to ensure SPY+ is back in the UK and here to stay”, says Tom Lazarus, Global Sales Operations Manager of VMDUK.

We are fellow travellers on the never-ending journey to see the world differently; to explore, create, and uplift. We are SPY+ and we are back!

To discuss SPY+ within the UK, please utilise the below contact details:

Tom Lazarus
Global Sales Operations Manager, VMDUK
Tel: 01656 654 989
Email: [email protected]

[email protected]
Tel: 01656 643 071





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