Nidecker pledge 'We Care'

Nidecker’s Pledge To ‘S.A.V.E.’ The Planet

By forming ethical partnerships with suppliers; by ensuring all suppliers follow their strict Code of Conduct; by supporting environment-saving initiatives and initiatives that encourage environmental responsibility and, by making sure their manufacturing and production process is sustainable, Nidecker announces the S.A.V.E. program.

Press Release:

We operate in an interconnected world where the welfare of our planet and its citizens are intertwined.

As we work, ride and tell our athletes’ stories, we feel responsible for looking after the people we encounter and the world beneath our feet and boards.

We also believe in full transparency – our S.A.V.E. program is just that:


Sustainable Production Nidecker

Sustainable Production
Here you can find information about all our manufacturing partners – Meditec, Titan, Her Sheng and Pegasus – and their eco performance ratings.

Allocate For The Planet

Allocate For The Planet
Not only have we made partnership with 1% For The Planet a core business principle, we also support local and global initiatives that work for the environment.

Valuable Initiatives

Valuable Initiatives
We work hard to improve every aspect of production – whether it’s materials to packaging and transport, we’re always looking for new ways to do better.

Ethical Partnerships

Ethical Partnerships
Working with the Swiss company EA Shaping Environmental Action, we designed and implemented a strict Code Of Conduct to which all our major suppliers are obligated to adhere.


Though as a manufacturer we use resources to make snowboards, we try and do it in the most considered way we can, and are always challenging ourselves to do it better.

We also believe that by empowering & equipping riders to get out into nature, they too will share our concern for our fragile world.

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