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2021 Surf Shop Day Returns For Its 3rd Year, May 15 2021

Now more than ever, local surf shops need the support of local surfers. Set up a few years ago, Surf Shop Day aims to celebrate the pillars of the surf community. Support the shops that are always there when you need them: Run out of wax? Need a repair or new equipment? Want some advice on the local surf conditions? A place to catch up with friends, make new ones and get involved with community events? Keep the stoke alive & head down to your local on May 15.

Press Release:
3rd annual SURF SHOP DAY Coming May 15th, 2021
A Celebration of the Surf Shop and Sharing the Stoke with Future Generations

SURF SHOP DAY returns in 2021 to celebrate and support the surf shops that helped build the industry and surf culture. Surf shops have become a part of coastal communities and even become part of history in towns like Huntington Beach, Santa Cruz, the infamous North Shore and many more locales around the world.

“Surf Shop Day is a celebration and a day to show support to your local surf shop,” says Jason Gantz owner of Quality Surfboard in Waikiki. “It’s also a day surf shops, reflect, give thanks and celebrate their local customers, surfers and community.”

Surf shops have even been stepping stones into the industry and have served as a rite of passage for the irreverent grom. Even stories of legendary sessions by local heroes are shared from one generation to the next under these roofs.

“The smell of wax, wetsuits and resin wafting through the nostrils as you walk into a surf shop. The walls of boards and boardshorts filling the eye balls and chatting to the owner or the local ripper about this morning’s surf or the last surf trip up or down the coast,” Says Ian ‘Wooly’ Macpherson from Star Surf + Skate in Western Australia. “That’s what surf shop day is all about. For me it’s trying to emulate that feeling I got at 13 years old in awe of the whole experience.”

On Surf Shop Day, we celebrate the small mom and pop businesses that have given rise to a lifestyle and culture enjoyed by millions around the world and we invite surfers to reconnect with their roots.

“As the song goes ‘ from little things big things grow ‘ and that is what I hope develops worldwide with Surf Shop Day,” says Brian Cregan, Founder of Ocean and Earth. “If everyone and that’s all stores, brands and their staff get behind this day I feel it can become a strong awareness day for their customers and help create a day that gives a realisation to the community of what a unique thing surfing and the industry is.”

Brands and Surf Shops all over the world are invited to be part of this celebration by signing up at this link:

For more info please contact Mike Vavak at [email protected]

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