Pepino's From The Trunk 2

Pepino & Friends Hit Snowy Streets Of Madrid For ‘From The Trunk 2’

DC Shoes rider Roberto Carlos Menacho aka “Pepino” & friends are back and have been hitting up the snowy streets of Madrid filming for the second instalment of ‘From The Trunk’. 

The first ‘From the Trunk’ only dropped on Nov 30, but the guys are already back at it, filming on the streets (and under them: Ollies on the subway, anyone?) of Madrid and causing chaos.

Pepino comments :
“Madrid was awesome , like a dream in the most absolute chaos, every season traveling in search of snow and new spots and now I had them just around the corner, at home!”

On Insta: @Pepinology, @FromTheTrunk,  #FTT2.

Re-watch the first From The Trunk below:

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