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Booomtag: Creating A Digital Locker To Keep Your Gear Safe From Loss & Thieves

Booomtag have utilised NFC technology to enable brands and users to connect via a single product registration platform whilst simultaneously offering a lost and found service. We grabbed the Dutch team behind the brand to chat about how Booomtags can be used to interact with our favourite brands whilst keeping our precious gear safe and sound.

Please tell us about Booomtag
Think of Booomtag® as a Digital Locker Room, designed exclusively for the sports and leisure industry. Integrating NFC/QR Booomtags into your sports products lets your end user easily register their gear to their personal Digital Locker with just the tap of a smartphone.

With the Digital Locker Room platform, we strengthen the bond between the user and their favourite brands and foster an active community. At the same time, we help gather invaluable insights about the market, user preferences, and product trends. These previously unavailable insights contribute to shaping the future of sports manufacturers.

What benefits does it bring to the consumer?
With a simple scan, consumers can access vital product information (POS) and register their gear to their free Booomtag Account, also known as their personal Digital Locker, protecting it against theft or loss.

This game-changing feature provides a comprehensive overview of their gear, proving ownership and enabling direct communication with their favourite brands for spare parts, product life extension, and warranty claims, all through a single-account login. All personal data connected to the product is shielded by the Booomtag Gateway, making a consumer connection possible without displaying the personal data.

Say goodbye to scattered information, and multiple logins, and hello to seamless and secured connectivity in the sports community. Booomtag ad

And to the brands?
We help you elevate your brand’s marketing game and unlock a new realm of insights and engagement. Thanks to the seamlessly integrated Booomtags, coupled with user-friendly product registration, and the many user advantages, our clients enjoy an exceptionally high product registration conversion rate that surpasses the industry average by a mile.

Brace yourself for our client dashboard. Offering an extensive range of data and providing a comprehensive understanding of your target audience. We can create user profiles based on (anonymised) user and product data, offering a holistic view of preferences, interests, product life span, and buying behaviour.

Witness the full spectrum of your products’ journey, as Booomtag® reveals valuable insights about your primary users and sheds light on future (second-hand) users through product transfers across Lockers.

With Dynamic Content on your product pages, you can effortlessly communicate news and updates to your end users while respecting their opt-out preferences for newsletters. Rest assured, we prioritise data privacy and adhere to GDPR regulations, ensuring the utmost respect for yours and your clients’ information.

By joining Booomtag®, you establish a strong foundation for your Connected Strategy, ensuring compliance with the communication of European Digital Product Passport (DPP) requirements, and empowering effective damage control in the event of a product recall. Booomtag in use

Why do you focus on the snowsports industry?
Snowboarding gear is valuable, prone to loss, and often left unattended, making it an attractive target for thieves. An integrated Booomtag® acts as a digital guardian, rendering the product worthless for thieves and providing multiple options for finders to contact the owner or access important SOS/ICE phone numbers. Any finder of the product can easily reach out to the owner, ensuring their safety or obtaining crucial medical information in emergencies.

We understand the importance of seamless integration and user-friendly technology. That’s why our NFC/QR Booomtags can be effortlessly incorporated into snowboarding equipment, ensuring a hassle-free integration into our clients’ strategy and production processes.

How will you be marketing Booomtag® to the snowboard market?
While we will have a strong presence at major outdoor and sports events throughout the year, we believe that the true strength of our marketing lies in the hands of our esteemed clients – the brands that incorporate Booomtag® and proudly showcase their exceptional sports products.

We believe our marketing approach for the sports market should be multifaceted. We combine direct consumer marketing efforts, social media advertising, athlete endorsements, and event sponsorships to ensure maximum exposure and engagement. By working closely with our clients and leveraging the power of digital platforms, we position Booomtag® as the go-to solution for consumers seeking enhanced safety and security for their equipment.

What other sports categories will you be targeting?
At our core, we firmly believe in the power of a unified platform which caters to all sports and all brands, ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled insights while delivering the ultimate single login consumer experience. Our focal point revolves around gear sports, leisure, apparel, and workwear/safety products, guaranteeing a laser focus on the essentials as we stay true to our sports-centric vision.

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