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Dark Matter – Travis Rice & Elias Elhardt’s New Snowboarding Film Out Now

Sponsored by Quiksilver, Travis Rice & Elias Elhardt teamed up with Curt Morgan to create their next snowboard movie blockbuster, Dark Matter – available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime and iTunes now.

Travis Rice

Press Release:
Travis Rice Reveals Latest Film With Curt Morgan

Epic new snowboarding film — Dark Matter — aired on Christmas Eve

Quiksilver announced the latest film by world-renowned snowboarding legend, Travis Rice, which aired on Christmas Eve on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and iTunes.

Dark Matter – Travis Rice’s eighth film since rising to ultimate snowboarding stardom 18 years ago – is an epic 26-minute celebration of space and time featuring the outstanding freeriding skills of Travis and fellow pro-snowboarder Elias Elhardt, which pushes the boundaries of snowboarding to its very limits.

Legendary Director of Art of Flight, Curt Morgan, and Travis teamed up exclusively again for the first time in four years, in the collaboration fans have been waiting for and are already hailing a masterpiece. Filmed in the deep backcountry of Alaska at Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, the film was shot over the course of just two weeks in long-anticipated conditions Travis has been chasing for a decade.

Known for his death-defying stunts and unflinching talent and courage, Travis along with his team, braved extreme weather conditions, avalanches and camped out in remote and inhospitable mountains to capture the perfect content for fans all over the world to watch at home.

Travis Rice says: “I’m incredibly excited to have teamed up once again with my partner Curt Morgan to bring you Dark Matter. I’ve been a long-time fan of Elias Elhardt and have wanted to work and ride with him for years. When conditions came to together in such a fantastic way this past season, our plans finally aligned to take one of the greatest riding trips I have ever been a part of. Elias and I had great communication, rode hard and were able to get in a rhythm that you could call a borderline fantasy; in regard to the pace and the quality of snow and terrain we had access to.

Travis Rice

Travis Rice

Dark Matter is a celebration, and an acknowledgement that in order to ride big mountain terrain safely and aggressively, you need to tap into more than just snow science and experience. You have to embrace your 6th sense, so to speak, and embrace the elements to best align with the mountains. This is not about dominating anything. It’s about harmony.”

The breath-taking work of art, Dark Matter, was brought together with the talents of Travis and his co-starring rider Elias, acclaimed Director Curt Morgan, alongside cinematographers Sean Aaron and Christoph Thoresen. The film was produced by Travis himself, Circe Wallace and Ken Strnad.

Travis Rice is sponsored by Quiksilver, and he has played an instrumental role in the design and development of high performance apparel and innovative technology for the boardsports brand. Quiksilver supports Travis in all his film endeavours, values his contribution to the freestyle movement, and is proud to sponsor one of the greatest snowboarders of all time.

Catch the film on the 24th December on Apple TV, and stay up to date by heading to

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