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Internet Fusion Adopt Technology To Assist Them In The fight Against Plastic Pollution And Climate Change

Internet Fusion, a collection of online outdoor retailers and media (owners of Surfdome and Factory Media, now known as Any Day Media) are leading the way for responsible business in the environmental department. Having installed automated packaging machines, which not only use recycled cardboard but also package to the item’s footprint, reducing plastic usage and CO2 emissions.

Headline environmental crises don’t come much bigger than climate change and plastic pollution. Climate change should be at the top of every agenda as it will affect every living thing. Since the recent COP24 it’s clear the ‘powers that be’ aren’t taking the front foot – it’s up to the business community.

Plastic pollution leapt into the consciousness of the wider public in 2018 with the release of hard-hitting details on the BBC’s Blue Planet, outlining the damage our addiction to convenience is reaping on the oceans. The year must have activated thousands of new environmentalists. Again, plastic comes from business – so it’s there we find the solution.

Business needs to lead

It’s clear the vast majority of people on our planet want it to function and be healthy, more so the outdoor loving Internet Fusion customer. But changing consumer habits takes a long time and government policy change is also proving to be an extremely slow process.

So, it’s left for responsible businesses to take the lead. The business community has the opportunity to influence its wide sphere of influence when it comes to C02 and plastic pollution. Almost all plastic pollution comes from a business source, so the opportunity to ‘turn off the tap’ is clear and when considering the position business finds itself in being able to influence customers, supply chain, market forces and policy change. It’s also clear where the power is to tackle climate change.

Thinking outside the box … with a box

Internet Fusion group, a collection of online outdoor specialist retail platforms. It’s one of the businesses that clearly recognises the need for businesses to step up environmentally.

The group, not content with common objections, such as ‘removing plastic will increase C02’ are working with solutions that take a broader view.

In the summer of 2018 the business adopted the first two automated packaging machines in the shape of Neoposts CVP-500. The machines pack products to be shipped in recycled cardboard, further reducing the need for plastic, assisting the business to increase further their already impressive 91% plastic free packaging in 2017.

The machine creates a package to the exact footprint of the product, eliminating the need for void filling. Packages being made to exact size has also eliminated the need for a further 90 lorry loads per year, reducing the C02 impact and objection.

And just in case there is any further doubt, the business is quadrupling its solar PV system, along with 100% renewable energy and Biogas contracts to really drive down C02 emissions across the entire business.

The CVP-500 can process upto 450 packages an hour, so of course this provides efficiencies. The more efficient the business the more it can concentrate on being as sustainable as it can be.

This is a clear example of a business looking outside of the normal model and taking a holistic approach to sustainability. It’s embracing technological innovation to solve environmental issues that their customer base is concerned with.

Martin Brailsford – CEO Internet Fusion Ltd Said: “As soon as I became aware of the CVP-500 machine, it was something I knew we had to have at the heart of our warehouse process as we strive to become one of the world’s most sustainable e-commerce companies. Our dynamic operations team and agile systems integrated the machines quickly and without disruption, making an environmental difference from the moment we started processing orders. Where we lead the way, we expect others to follow, it’s not about gaining a competitive advantage it’s about doing what is right.”

Richard Nijboer, Head of Sales & Operations Europe at Neopost Shipping said: “We’re proud to support Internet Fusion on their sustainability journey. We knew that CVP-500 was the perfect fit for their green logistics goal, and a viable alternative to manual packing with time, cost and environmental benefits.”

“The CVP-500 solutions were successfully installed in August 2018 at IFG’s warehouse in Kettering, UK, and have produced over 50,000 fit to size parcels in its first month of operation,” said Nijboer.

Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability at Internet Fusion said: “We can’t solve the challenges we face by doing the same old processes, we need to take a broader view on process, technologies, materials, solutions and a holistic view to sustainability. Thats where progress will be found!”




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