Make Life Skate Life Sets Sights On 30 New Markets In Next 15 Years

Press release:
Skateparks draw youth from everywhere. Literally. Build one and kids will come from every corner of a community to see what’s happening there. They want to be a part of it. They want to be skateboarders. We all know skateboarding changed our lives and here is an opportunity to support communities and create new skateboarders, which also helps our industry. The more people getting introduced only means more participants down the road who turn into customers.

MLSL has built skateparks and helped skateboarding communities thrive in some of the most challenged places on Earth—Myanmar, India, Ethiopia, Bolivia, and Lebanon, to name a few. Their staff, volunteers, and supporters come together to create spaces for youth to gather and skate. And predictably, these spaces are thriving. They thrive with youth and activity and life. They thrive with love and laughter and hope. Skateboarding is bringing kids together all over the world, and MLSL is there—creating the spaces where community happens.

So, why should you get involved? You should get involved in supporting MLSL because they not only connect youth and grow skateboarding culture, but their skateparks spawn skateboarding markets in places where traditional business and financial mechanisms have failed to. Their skateparks create a need and a demand for skateboards and related products, and inspire the development of cottage industries that sprout up all around the parks, from food and drink vendors to full-fledged skate shops.

Skateparks generate foot traffic and business opportunities, and MLSL has demonstrated that this doesn’t just happen in the traditional centers of commerce and industry. It happens in Africa, in the Middle East, in South America, and Southeast Asia.

MLSL is creating the environments where fledgling skate businesses grow and serve communities of new skateboarders. And with a little help from the skateboarding industry, we could grow markets for skateboards and related products in places where none have previously existed. Support MLSL, help create skateboarding communities, and grow the global skate market at the same time. It’s the ultimate win-win, with underserved youth worldwide being the greatest beneficiaries.

Alongside skatepark construction, we hope to open 30 new countries to skateboard distribution within the next 15 years. This, in turn, will incubate dozens of retailers within each of those countries, from DIY kiosks to full-fledged skate shops and—yes—new distribution networks. But this can’t happen without you.

Help MLSL bring skateboarding to kids in the most underserved communities of our time, and help bring skateboarding to the world.

How you can help right now:
1. MLSL supporting Partners – $3 a day! $100 a month (Your logo on the MLSL Website!)
2. MLSL supporting Ally – $1.50 a day! $50 a month
3. MLSL supporting Friend – .30 a day, $10 a month

Just hit the donate button!

Other ways to help

  1. Brand collabs
  2. Portion-of-proceeds on dedicated product sales
  3. Your idea! Let us know what you have in mind— MLSL has a documentary film about to start production

We really are interested in your creative solutions! So, please reach out.

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