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Paddle Sports Show 2024 Preview: An Interview With Show Director Philippe Doux

Ahead of 2024’s autumn Paddle Sports Show, SOURCE got in touch with the show’s director Philippe Doux to find out how last year’s show went down in its new Strasbourg home. We also found out what to expect from this year’s edition. 

Could we some facts and figures from last years show?
Last year’s Paddle Sports Show went great looking at the fact we moved from Lyon to Strasbourg. Exhibitors and visitors alike felt they were back to Paddle Expo which took place in Nuremberg, Germany for 15 years. Similar vibe, same geographic distribution for the buyers who came. We got 150 brands on the floorplan a with over 1,000 unique buyers. People were stoked!

What were the highlights of the 2023 event?
The city of Strasbourg and its brand new exhibition center. It’s a really easy place to organise a show, and for everyone to come and do business. Affordable hotels, great access by road and train. Free parking for everyone: a real stress-free trade show. Another one probably was the industry party which saw over 500+ industry leaders sitting together, talking, laughing, closing deals, enjoying a great dinner and watching the product of the year ceremony, a big hit without a doubt! Paddle Sports Show 2024 banner

The biggest change with the show last year was the move to Strasbourg, why did you move and how was it received by the industry?
We changed because a large majority of the exhibitors and visitors felt it would be an even better event if we moved back to a more central place in Europe. At least to more central place when it comes down to paddle sports business. The move, being initiated by its participants, could be only be welcomed and it was. The folks at the Strasbourg Exhibition Center were, and still are, really happy to have us, and that showed.

You are now also targeting the foil industry. What’s the thinking behind this move?
Well the foil industry for the vast majority comes from wind and stand up paddling; I strongly believe it’s needed to have all our segments under one roof. I believe the foil industry has more to gain being at the Paddle Sports Show than not. It is an affordable show, the structure of the visitorship is there, the synergies are obvious. Paddle Sports Show attendees

How are booth bookings currently for this Autumn’s show compared to last years?
As of late April, the show is 75% booked, much better than last year at the same date. Which is amazing when you look at the fact there is 5 months left and that 2024 is a slow starting season for everyone. That proves the show has become the rendez-vous everyone is looking for when it come down to paddle sports and water sports business.

Any changes planned for autumn 2024?
2024 will see the launch of the Paddle Sports Show Film Festival! We want to give back to the athletes and media crews out there! There will be a 2000 euros cash prize for winners. This festival is open to anyone who has made with a film, under 30 mins long, that somewhat relates to paddle sports. Any paddle sports. That include foil!

We want all film-makers and athletes to rally for a party to remember, but also to watch some amazing movies! The film fest is a public event.

Who should brands reach out to if they want to find out more about the show?
The best way is to visit the website:

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