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Turkey’s First Snowboard Brand & Manufacturing Company: MAS Snowboard

MAS Snowboard stands proud as Turkey’s first snowboard brand and manufacturer. Boasting European quality board materials backed by the manufacturing power of Turkey, we spoke with the team to find out more.

Can you give us a little background on the team behind Mas Snowboard?
Mas Snowboard is Turkey’s first snowboard manufacturing company, founded by close friends in 2018. It was established as a result of years of research and development. MAS Snowboard, Turkey’s first snowboard brand, also shows its influence abroad. MAS Snowboard, which makes boards that highlight the user’s own style, also offers specially designed boards. Our own factory is located in Istanbul, which is the bridge between Europe’s engineering quality and the manufacturing power of Turkey. We are constantly transforming our production. Together with our powerful partners every year we are improving our technology and production level. MAS Snowboard collection

You’re Turkey’s first snowboard brand and manufacturing company, what made you decide to take the leap into board production?
Our main purpose is to show the riders that they have a unique style needed to glow. When we set out with this idea, we established a boutique atelier. We realized that our passion was bigger than this boutique workshop and we enlarged the workshop and turned it into a factory. With our increasing experience, today we can produce snowboards that appeal to every style and every terrain fromjibbing to splitboarding. Even in the first year, we have achieved podiums. This anchors our enthusiasm to produce and improve ourselves.
Please tell us about your production facility.

MAS Snowboard has a well-equipped facility with an experienced workforce, and we are using the same base materials, fibtrs, epoxies, steel edges, etc. just like the other big European brands. Our strongest part is, we have the flexibility to adapt to the needs of our partners. 100% rider-owned and operated with a close connection to the end customer. Additionally, the nearest ski resort to our factory is 1 hour away. In this way, we have a very high chance of simultaneously testing and analysing each snowboard we produce. This helps us quickly understand the true product and raise our quality standards. Snowboard production needs new technologies and improvements more than ever due to climate change. This challenges us to evolve to our best.

And what can you offer snowboard brands?
MAS Snowboard, which has 5 years of experience, continues its activities in the market in the USA and European countries such as Sweden and France, apart from the Turkish market. It aims to grow further with its Gothenburg branch and its representative in France. In addition, its branch in the United States was also active this year, with an experienced team managing it. The brands that we are producing for also get immediate support by these branches. MAS Snowboard deck production

What are your boards primarily made from and where do you source the materials?
We use the same materials fibres, epoxies, etc. just like the other big European brands. We supply our raw materials mainly from Europe. But we prefer several materials especially from Turkey such as the wood in the product. Because our local trees are as high quality as other trees and producing snowboards from them provides many advantages.

Your factory HQ is based in Istanbul, Turkey, but you also have offices in Sweden and the US, what function do these locations play within the brand?
Our factory is located in Istanbul. As it is known, the biggest two markets are Europe and the USA. These branch offices are mainly for logistics and meet the demands of our partners. We are looking for new representatives from all around the world. Only sending the boards is not enough to support the distributors and dealers, so our branch offices bear the burden.

MAS Snowboard rider Sule Ozcan

Rider Sule Ozcan

Where do you hope Mas Snowboards, and the Turkish snowboard scene, will be in the future?
In the future, MAS Snowboard develops and produces products that meet consumer-oriented demands and appeal to everyone; In fact, by preserving what we have already done; We hope that it will become a brand that has gained respect globally and is preferred by everyone.

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