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UK Skate Event London Calling! Release YouTube Live Link

Press release:
LONDON CALLING! is a tribute event to show respect to those 1970s UK based skateboarders that laid the foundations for arguably the best and most influential skate scene outside California. Those 1970s riders were an inspiration to many across the UK and around the world.

Taking their inspiration from that influential decade and its pioneers, three instigators of this event moved to the United States in the 1980s to follow their dreams of becoming professional skateboarders and were all lucky enough to fulfil their dreams. Over the years all three have been frequently reminded that their journey to professional status inspired others to do the same. That in turn inspired others, which inspired others to follow in their footsteps.
RESPECT to the ’70s pioneers, the fire starters that set the wheels in motion. That is what this event is about – an opportunity to say THANK YOU.

London Calling is brought to you by: Steve Douglas, Bod Boyle, Don Brown, Dan Adams, The Read and Destroy Archive, Iain Borden, and Juergen Bluemlein / The Skateboard Museum. Photography generously donated by Jim Cassimus, Wynn Miller, Tim Leighton-Boyce, Jerry Young and Robert Vente and others. Artefacts and ephemera kindly loaned by Rob Ashby, Paul Coupe, Adrian Wink and Ben Liddell. Content creation from Winstan Whitter / Colour Films and Neil ‘Science vs Life’ Macdonald.

Watch the event live on YouTube:

Thanks are due to all our sponsors for their generous support.
Out of respect not for profit.

Read more info on London Calling here.

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